CCM (1)

Customer & Cargo Management Platform

A simple and easy-to-use SaaS solution for any type of transportation company, designed for managing clients and orders with a user-friendly client web portal, where your clients can track their order fulfillment process.

CCM made for any type of transportation company. 

Whether it ships by land, ocean or air.

How CCM helps your business​

Delivery Status

Let your customers track the entire supply chain online. This does not require additional equipment.


Automate your invoicing process. Your customers receive invoices directly to the online dashboard and by the email.


Manage your customers, the history of their orders and automatically create transportation documents for them.


Analyze your processes, discover growth points and understand customers experience to accelerate your business.

For any kind of delivery

CCM is designed to handle easyly land, air and ocean shipments.

How CCM helps your business​

Customer management system

The customer management system is a simple but powerful tool that allows you to store data about your clients, send them notifications about changes in the order status, issue invoices, keep online conversation. CRM also stores all history of shipments and provides analytics for each client.

Load management system

Take advantage of the internal load board where you can monitor data on all loads and their fulfillment status in one place at once. The system warns you if something is not going according to plan, allows you to update order and predicts cost-effective routes. Also, if you connect to our tracking system and use the drivers mobile application, then an automatic notifications comes in real time.

Customers portal

The client portal is a web site where your clients have access to their orders. Each order is described in detail including the current state and location on the map. Clients no longer need to call you, they will receive all the information in the client’s panel. Also in this panel they can get an invoice from you for your services.

Free driver App

Mobile app for drivers is a free service designed to meet the needs of drivers for their comfort on the road and at any time of the day.
The mobile application also has a SOS button, which allows you to quickly notify the administrator of the occurrence of an emergency situation at the right time.

Plans & Billing


$ 5 Month
  • Up to two employees
  • Up to 10 clients
  • Free mobile app
  • Tracking up to two cargoes simultaneously


$ 10 Month
  • Up to four employees
  • Up to 50 clients
  • Free mobile app
  • Tracking up to ten cargo at the same time


$ 50 Month
  • Unlimited employee
  • Unlimited clients
  • Free mobile app
  • Unlimited cargo tracking

Easier than you think

the only customer and cargo management system in the world

Just in 3 minutes you can start and feel new experience, and see how your business and income grow.

Protect data, customers and all business information. 24/7 security service will keep your data safe.

Just for $10 per month for up to 5 users. no obligation or secret spending.

    If you have any questions, write to us and we will conduct a free demonstration for you and answer all your questions.

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